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Organisation des Suisses de l'etranger
Organizazzione degli Svizzeri all'estro
Organisaziun dals Svizzers a l'ester
On this page we like to inform our Swiss friends on various publications send by the ASO, as well as informative observation clips by the media.
Many questions on the political scene abroad are answered.
Join this unique and exciting communication platform,
and establish contact with Swiss abroad anywhere in the world.
Network with other Swiss abroad.
Keep up to date on relevant news and events.
Find an appartement - or the best fondue in town.
Discover Switzerland.
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Establishment of Swiss Abroad Youth Parliament
Gruendung eines Jung Auslandschweizer Parliament
Switzerland without Europe -
Europe without Switzerland
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Please find attached the first edition of our Swiss Cultural Calendar, which from now on will inform you on a two-monthly basis about cultural events linked to or supported by Switzerland that are happening in South Africa.

As you will see, the calendar covers different fields, ranging from fine arts to folklore, for young and elder people. The calendar includes events that take place all across South Africa and even tours of the featured artists abroad. Please have a look this first edition and the links provided to the respective event locations and or booking facilities.

Our aim is to better link you to the Swiss culture in South Africa in this sense, we hope that you enjoy one or the other events proposed in our calendars.

Viel Spass beim Lesen, bonne lecture, buona lettura, happy readings!

Kindest regards

Your Embassy of Switzerland in Pretoria

From The Embassy of Switzerland in Pretoria
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A new law to counteract taxevasion
EDA Travel help line
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Swiss activities in South Africa
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