Name Surname Joined    
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Mrs Charlene Anne Bowden Feb    
Mr  Allan Mitchell Feb    
Mr Neill Manley Feb    
Mr & Mrs Eufronio & Pia Sanchez Oct    
Mr Michael Waldburger Sep     
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We welcome new members during 2017 + 2018
Annexure to constitution
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indiv. Swiss Club Natal member R 100.00  
children under 18 years are free.
Reaching 18 years, please apply
for Membership
SAGA membership fees:    
ORDINARY SAGA member R 140.00  
Pensioner + 60 years R  90.00  
any additional fam. member R  50.00  
NEW MEMBERS  SAGA members R 190.00  
Pensioner + 60 years R 100.00  
any additional fam. member R  50.00  
Banking detail:      
Bank name: Nedbank  .
Account name: Swiss Club Natal .
Branch: Hillcrest .
Bank code: 1338 2600 .
shd error occur, invalid acc.No; try 1338 26  
Account number: 1140 306 650 .
Account type: Savings account .

Please do not forget to enter your name as reference
if possible do not pay by cheque R 30.00 per cheque or cash
write to
  Name Surname Joined  
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Mr & Mrs  Felix jun and Judi  Thoma Jan  
Mr & Mrs  Ryan and Jana Kuenzler April  
Mr & Mrs  Gary and Laura Amstutz April  
Mrs Erica  Unwin June  
Mr Emanuel Bugmann Aug  
Mrs Simone Schmid Aug  
Mrs Birgid Kennedy Aug  
Mr Charles Hale Aug  
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 Swissclub Natal member statistics      
                        as at      
                 31. Oct 2018
    Avg age  
Total members 152    62.8  
Honorary members    8    86,3  
Jass members  20    70,3  
Committee members    9    65.0  
Sport Target Shooting members  16    59.0  
New  members 2018    8    57,5  
ex Members 2018  13    53,6  
Children turning 18 this year    5    
Children 19 and over    6    
Farewell to Markus and Sapeta Baenziger 
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  Happy Birthday   Scorpio  
  24. October - 22. November  
24-Oct Birgid Kennedy 12-Nov Marge Vogelsang  
25-Oct Lily Atter 12-Nov Sapeta Baenziger  
25-Oct Tanja Dickens 15-Nov Reta Thoma  
27-Oct Juerg Vogelsang 19-Nov Marianne Manley  
29-Oct Priscilla Saville 21-Nov Felicita von Moos  
30-Oct Konrad Peter 21-Nov Mirelle Sifrig  
10-Nov Werner Schiess 22-Nov Brett Meier jun.  
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