17. Oct 1938  -  18. June 2018  
Sadly,  Elisabeth Gerhard  passed away   
on the 18. June 2018 after a long illness.  
Elisabeth  has received her  honourable  
membership, through her very dedicated   
work at our Swissclub.  
Elisabeth  and her  late  husband  Roebi   
indroduced  the well  known  and  well  
visited Beach-Breakfast. With the late Heidi McInnes they cooked  
for up to 30 members Roesti. The unforgetable homemade  
Emmentaler Zuepfe was never missing not even this year.   
For a long time, she has organised the monthly Jass evening, helped  
selling sausages and rolls at various functions, and many more   
With Roebi becoming an amputee, her burden grew, but she managed  
this often with a smile.   
The Swiss Club has lost an ever supportive, friendly, caring, happy and   
smiling personality.  
She leaves her two sons, Marcel and Roland, her grandchildren  
Kaitlyn and Kyle, Travis and Brandy.  
The committee of the Swiss Club Natal expresses their deepest  
condolences to their families.  
R.I.P Lizie  
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Mr & Mrs  Felix jun and Judi  Thoma Jan  
Mr & Mrs  Ryan and Jana Kuenzler April  
Mr & Mrs  Gary and Laura Amstutz April  
Mrs Erica  Unwin June  
Mr Emanuel Bugmann Aug  
Mrs Simone Schmid Aug  
Mrs Birgid Kennedy Aug  
Mr Charles Hale Aug  
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