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                          22. March 1943 - 31. Jan 2019  
                                Sadly we hear that our longstanding Swiss Club  
                                Natal member Eddie Rutishauser passed away  
                                in the night of the 31. Jan 2019.    
                                Eddie and Patsie are members since 1966.  
A Memorial Service at the Kloof Country Club was held at the  
7th February at 2 pm.  
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9. Jan  1931  -  8. Jan 2019
Irmgard Buechler
We have been informed, that Irmgard Buechler
has passed away on the 8th of January 2019,
just before her 88th birthday.
Irmgard was a long standing member since 1956.
For all the members knowing her, Irmgard was a
very quiet lady, and always had encouraging 
words for the younger generation.
The committee regrets profousely for this late announcement.
We express our deepest condolences to her family.
Dear Irmgard  RIP                                                                              FG
               20 April 2019
  Member Avg age  
Total members 152 62,7  
Honorary members   8 86,8  
Jass members 32 72,9  
Committee members   5 75.1  
Sport Target Shooting members 14 58,3  
New  members 2019   5 49.3  
ex Members 2019   6 67,1  
Children 19 and over   6 23,9  
Children turning 18 this year   3 18,9  
Children under 18 22 9,8  
Member residing:   avg age  
Durban 15 61.4  
Durban North 25 55.4  
Durban South   6 68.5  
Upper Highway  65 65.7  
Pietermartitzburg 31 59.8  
Johannesburg   2 66.0  
Eastern Cape   2 52,8  
Western Cape    4 79.1  
Overseas    2  72.3   
10. Feb. 1934 - 1. March 2019  
I just heard Hans Deubelbeiss has passed away.   
Hans was a member of the Swiss Club Natal   
from 1965 - 2011.  
Many of our members surely remember Hans  
with his humerous character. He was a keen  
and serious Jasser, in his spare time he very   
often visited Casinos. He and Annie his wife  
spend a few time together with the passed  
Elisabeth and Roebi Gerhard, Susi and myself at Sanbonani,  
a Time Share in Hazey View.  
As soon as we know more about his funeral arrangement, it  
will be announced.
Our sympathy goes to Annie, his wife.
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  21. April - 21. May  
21-Apr Kim Germiquet 05-May Frances Metzger  
26-Apr Felix Tomas 14-May Robbie Bachmann  
26-Apr Andrew Peter jun 15-May Pam Henderson  
29-Apr Rosemarie Ziep 15-May Mitchel du Toit jun.  
01-May Ruth Hagen 16-May Judi Thoma  
03-May Pam Horisberger 18-May Andrea Schleicher  
04-May Walter Grab 18-May Nikkie Meier jun.  
05-May James Payn jun. 19-May Bianca Bachmann jun
    21-May Rose Scherzer  
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Mrs Charlene Anne Bowden  Feb  
Mr Allan Mitchell  Feb  
Mr Neill Manley Feb  
Mr & Mrs  Kech & Pia Sanchez Oct  
Mr Michael Waldburger Sep  
Mr & Mrs  Stefan & Adelheid Biegaljo Nov